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 “Its an extraordinary things to meet someone who you can bare your soul to.And who will accept you for what you are.And with you Muhammad Shakirin I feel like I can finally begin.No measure of time with you will be long enough.But,lets start with forever”

*.: *゚・Happy 2th Anniversary for us..2/2/2013*.: *゚・

I write that Quote with all my feeling through you & I dedicated it to

 you my future hubs J .I was such a lucky girl to meet a guy like 

you.Since 2/2/2011 and now we still in this realationship.Thanks to 

Allah.Thanks for everythings that have you done for me,for us and for 

our future.Thanks for giving me so much wonderful moment in my life ..

I will wait you no matter how long it will take.I wait the moment that you 

will say “akuterimanikahnyanurulasmidarbtruslan”

Hihi.I Love You Damn so Much !!

Now & F0rever

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